The past few months have been super stressful, to say the least, but with God's blessings, we are so cised to introduce to you today, Rapteez Studios.

Introducing Rapteez Studios

Hey Fam, I know we have been rather quiet these past few months but it comes with good reason. After 2+ years, we moved out of our office in Silver...

Fri, Jun 10, 22

DC Noir is a suspenseful thriller that shows the real DC streets in a loving light. Most people just see the White House and politicians, DC Noir shows the DC that we know.

DC Noir Cameo

Most of DC’s Hollywood moments happen at the White House. That’s cool but what happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is only a small part of the DC life that gets...

Fri, Apr 02, 21

Chocolate City

Chocolate City

Today is World Chocolate Day. Normally, I’d let the foodies have it but I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some D.C. history with the world. Back...

Tue, Jul 07, 20

Small Business Week

Small Business Week

Hey Fam,  Now that Small Business Week is over, I wanted to give you guys a recap of my favorite spots. If you missed out on the posts, it’s all...

Mon, May 11, 20

Rapteez® and COVID19 Update

Rapteez® and COVID19 Update

Hey Fam, As COVID-19 life continues, we wanted to share some news and public safety info with you.  By now, you know that most DMV residents need to wear masks...

Mon, Apr 27, 20