Most of DC’s Hollywood moments happen at the White House. That’s cool but what happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is only a small part of the DC life that gets a huge amount of attention. Not all of us have that NW life. 

In 2019, the legendary George Pelecanos brought the spotlight to the District with his film DC Noir. George is best known for his work on The Wire and The Deuce, so we were siced when the opportunity came to work with him. His son was also working on the film and offered Rapteez the chance to be worn in one of the scenes. Who else can say that? We gave them the iconic greats shirt to wear in the film and it was an amazing experience. It’s lit to have a DC-based film support the community by rocking DC brands.

If you want something new to watch, check out DC Noir on Amazon and you’ll get to see the real DC that we know and love. 



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